A Trip To Banganga: Mumbai's Own Varanasi (Heritage Walk)

Banganga is an ancient water reservoir tucked away in Walkeshwar, Mumbai. A walk through the Banganga settlements is an adventure in itself as the maze of cobbled lanes and narrow paths lead, almost magically, to a set of giant steps and a serene green water tank. An early morning visit to Banganga, Mumbai's very own Varanasi, is probably the best time when one can experience the spiritual energy at its best. Local inhabitants, pundits and visitors can be seen offering prayers amidst the sound of chimes at surrounding temples.

The lanes, walls, temples, old houses and the air of Banganga have a treasure of stories and as one moves among them, they come alive to tell their own stories. The tour will include visits to the water tank, bathing ghats, ancient temples, Aghori samadhis, community settlements, a local Dhobi Ghat (open-air laundromat), etc.

Join us for the Walking Tour of Banganga and its vicinity, Every Saturday 7 am - 10 am (till 30 June 2018). Visit www.banganga.in/heritagewalks for itinerary, registration and payment details. 

DraftCraft Activities At Legendary Banganga

Banganga is Mumbai's most famed connection with the Vishnu avatar. There are million regular visitors who swear by the almost-magically therapeutic values of the sweet water that emerges from the spot where Rama is said to have shot an arrow to draw out Ganga to quench his thirst. DraftCraft has adopted Banganga as a key heritage project to fulfil the need to promote the zone and its people.

DraftCraft organises PhotoWalks of Banganga wherein participants are taken for dawn and dusk walks along Banganga's myriad temples, briefed on the intricacies of architecture, heritage and society. You can avail the opportunity to shoot some of the most interesting angles of architecture, culture and lake life complete with fishes and ducks in the vicinity. Call or Whatsapp on 8080441593 to commission a photowalk or tour with a few friends or by yourself.

DraftCraft hosts Lectures, Workshops, Walkthroughs, Film Screenings, Exhibitions and Shows on Banganga detailing the lives of stakeholders. We also host a range of activities that include Educational camps, Legal Aid camps, Health workshops, Talks on Life Lessons for children and Safety for Women workshops at Banganga.

* If you are interested and can spend some quality time to be socially involved and network with like-minded persons sign up with DraftCraft to first get trained and then volunteer at Banganga on weekends to work with our DraftCraft Connect team of experts and volunteers.

* You could avail a DraftCraft Tour into the adjoining community settlements that have a unique lifestyle.

* You could also attend a screening of DraftCraft documentaries at the Mumbai Studio of DraftCraft located in Colaba and partake in discussions.

Come for a walk, sit a while and take in a slice of history. After all, it's yours and around the corner.

For details Call/WhatsApp us on 8080441593 or email your niche queries to contact@draftcraft.in